Businesses that survive in this rapidly evolving market are the ones that have a solid workforce, adaptable processes, and have ongoing analysis of their past and future costs and income.

Hire Harris Consulting Services to resolve the gaps you didn’t know existed. 

Has your revenue slowed down or are you starting a new business?

Today’s rapidly changing environment makes it difficult 

for private businesses to develop effective strategies. 

Our consultants can help you explore hidden opportunities using

innovative ways to increase client satisfaction and revenue.  

Harris Consulting Services is a small crew with niche skills and decades of experience in business, systems operations, consulting, and project management.

HCS was created after years of our consultants serving as world-wide business and IT experts identifying areas where most businesses struggle.

We provide strategic planning, execution, and ongoing support for all business and IT areas that impact your revenue. 

  • Healthcare Consulting
    • Revenue Cycle Analysis
    • EMR Install/Implementation
    • Coding and Billing Audit
    • EMR Incentive Payment Analysis
    •  Practice Start Up
    • Project Management
    • HEDIS assistance/pre-audit
    • Assistance with screening new staff
    • Assistance with creatives-marketing materials
    • Web site optimization
  • Dental Consulting
    • CDT to CPT mapping
    • Revenue and Coding Analysis for CPT coding opportunity
    • 6 month audit of charts to re-code CDT to CPT for revenue increases
    • Review of insurance contracts and state/federal enhancement programs
  • Private Medical/Dental Claim Review and Audit

Did you know that you can appeal your personal medical bills? Most, if not all medical facilities utilize medical coders with little to no actual medical training. The coders read the medical documentation and select the “closest code” possible. Or.. the provider who has little to no coding training selects the codes. These codes are what drives your medical payment allowance. If you are dealing with a lot of medical bills or just one really big one, we can take a look at your claims during a free one-hour consultation.

  • Gym/Fitness Center Consulting
    • Review of software and how if it accurately captures and delivers expected outcome
    • Review of all creatives and which ones are generating an “action” i.e.-ads that result in a client walk in or call
    • Placement of tracking codes on social media and web site
    • Review or creation of web site SEO to insure management is able to view every action made on web site and social media channels
  • General Business Consulting
    • New Business Start-up
    • Revenue Analysis
    • Budget Creation
    • Marketing
    • Event Planning
    • Staff Interviewing and Evaluation
    •  Website Build w/E-commerce and SEO
    • Website Maintenance
    • Financial Forecasting