“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”

While many dentists realize that trauma-related dental services can be billed to medical plans, most do not have medical coders in the office to understand the medical procedure codes. Moreover, patients have to pick and choose which services to have performed due to limitations or capitations in their dental coverage. In order for a dental service to be considered for payment under a medical plan, the service must be a medically necessary procedure based off a medical diagnosis. DentaCode will take the guesswork out of selecting the accurate CPT code, along with identifying potential compliance, coding, documentation issues that would normally lead to a payment denial or audit flag.

DentaCode will provide your office with two cross-walking tools along with billing/ coding tips, compliance flags, documentation requirements, and suggested language for appeals for commercial carriers, Medicare, Medicaid, L&I and MVA.  

  1. CDT to CPT

       CPT to CDT


  1. ICD-9 to ICD-10

       ICD-10 to ICD-9

DentaCode also offers billing and coding tips based on selected codes.


  • Either manual mapping or a query can be done for mapping
    • Descriptions used in CPT are not the same as in CDT
    • Harris Consulting Services used WA state dentist to review mapped codes
  • Diagnosis codes are mapped using current CMS Gem files
    • Codes are mapped forward and backward
    • Codes with no mapped code will be manually mapped to a suggest code set

We offer several options based on your practice size and need. Harris Consulting Services offers dental chart auditing to help your office identify patient records with the potential for CPT conversion, resulting in increased revenue and decreased dental benefit caps for your patients.