Resolve Outlook vs Gmail Issues

Resolve Outlook vs Gmail Issues

Resolve syncing issue with Gmail and Outlook/Office 365 in a few steps

For the longest time, I had issues syncing my Gmail accounts to Outlook. I would enter all the account and password information in Outlook, I’d get the green light and assume everything was good-to-go.  But, every time I opened Outlook, I received a password error. This drove me crazy, and after months of performing all the tasks suggested by Microsoft and Apple, I resorted to Safari mail.  The error was due to a long time glitch with the 2-factor verification in Gmail. I realized today that there is finally a work-around. It’s called an “app password”. 

If you are using Office 365, here are the written instructions from Microsoft to set up what is referred to as an, “app password”.

I don’t use Office 365, so my steps were slightly different.  

Here are the written instructions from Gmail.

What you will not read in the instructions is that if you have a Mac, you will need to do the steps twice. Once you log out of Outlook and log back in, Gmail will prompt you to add the password to your Mac Internet Account screen. 

Just like your normal password, this app password grants complete access to your Google Account. You won’t need to remember it, so don’t write it down or share it with anyone.