Co-Marketing Strategies

Low on funds doesn’t mean your marketing has to decrease, it just means you need to think outside the box. Let’s chat about co-marketing concepts.
Co-marketing refers to a marketing strategy that consists of two or more non-competing companies collaborating and sharing the cost and effort of a marketing campaign.

Marketing is a combination of strong leadership, lead generation and capture, measurable SEO, powerful analytics, and a strong knowledge of social media platforms. A primary goal of any marketing strategy is to create more value, demand, and exposure. Cutting costs while continuing to market your business is more important than ever. Not all companies have access to the web and social media experts. By sharing resources, you are not only building a stronger community within your business but helping to re-build businesses struggling to survive.

Start connecting with potential partners via social media. It’s easy to get an idea of their target market and business goals by following their page. You don’t want to get wrapped up with a partner who doesn’t share your passion or commitment, doesn’t pull their weight, or is unresponsive or uncommunicative. Once you have a partner or two, define roles and expectations. Put it in writing and start an idea board on how you can share resources.
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