SEO: Powerful Selection of Keywords

SEO: Powerful Selection of Keywords

FAQ-The confusing battle of selecting keywords (reference to WIX sites)

Basic definition of a keyword:

Keywords are words or groups of words that a user enters into a search bar via a search engine, like Google, and the words are mapped in the background with relevant content.

Where do you use keywords?

Your keywords should appear throughout the content of your site. Use these words in your site’s text in an organic way, keeping them in their correct context. Keywords must contribute value to your site visitors.

How do I select the RIGHT keywords?

  1. First, read your content.

Write down all the main words or groups of words that stood out. Then ask somebody else to do the same. I guarantee the person you ask to perform this task will come up a set of different words.

  1. Research your keywords.

Google has a fantastic site for testing your keyword to evaluate whether it’s a word that is driving traffic on the world wide web. Use specific and unique keywords to avoid competition. Here are a few great keyword tool finders: Google Analytics, Moz Explorer and SEMRush. Note- you can’t use Google Keyword Tool unless you are using their Adwords campaign. However, you can still look up monthly top searched keywords.

            Here is an example: Broad terms come with high competition for ranking: Salon, Trainer, Fitness Trainer- these are all way too broad, and while you can include them, you will want to include more specific keywords as well. More specific terms would be: Injury recovery trainer, kid’s salon, trainer in the Newcastle area

  1. Use long-tail keywords.

These two to five phrases are what a searcher would type into a search box.

  1. How many keywords should I use?

A solid answer is 5-15.

Should I ever change my keywords?

After you have installed Google Analytics and Google Tags, monitor your keyword traffic. If your keywords are not resulting in action on your site, then change it up. Keep in mind, each time you make a change to your page, the Google Bot needs to re-crawl your page before the new keywords will appear in search results. You can speed up this task by submitting your sitemap directly to Google.

What about Social Media? Do I need keywords there as well?

Wix sets a pattern of keywords and they are applied to your social media pages as well. The only way to modify this, and strengthen SEO, is through your SEO Pattern option.


After you have your list of keywords, get them entered and start monitoring your site.

I don't have time for all this? Can I hire a somebody to just set my SEO up?

Absolutely! We can help. We can do the set up only and hand over the key, or we can monitor your site for a low monthly fee. SEO monitoring includes monthly analytics reports on only the content that you want and need, and is delivered in a customized report, along with end of month analysis and recommendations. Need a little more than that? Consider hiring us to do your monthly maintenance, it’s affordable, it’s a customizable service and it will release you of the time, guesswork and stress, allowing you to spend more time with your clients and family