Being aware of your risks and business gaps puts you in control of your business’s success.  A full assessment will provide you with all the information you need to make a wise budget, marketing, and staffing decisions. 

Upon completion of your assessment, you will receive a series of useful deliverables identifying issues versus risk, training and marketing gaps, and suggestions on the best way to address them. Our assessments are not limited to health or dental care, they can be done with any revenue-generating business-new, old, big, or small. If your income is not twice your expenditures and you have been in business for 5 or more years, it’s time for some expert advice before your next call is to the bankruptcy office.

full business assessment with remediation plans


If you need something custom, we can customize your scope of work with any of the following:

Potential Deliverables:

  • Budget analysis for prior years
  • Issue/Risk Log
  • Marketing Plan with Budget and Set up of Analysis for Tracking
  • Vendor Communication Plan
  • Projected Budgets
  • Proposed Project Plan – a document that identifies every task, resource, cost, and milestone-that can be handed off to staff to carry out the tasks
  • Training Plans for Staff
  • Newly Revised Processed and Procedures-stored in one central location-ideal for compliance