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Healthcare and Health Plan Services



HIM experts ready to help you gather and interpret data from EMR, billing, cost reports, and patient satisfaction surveys.

  • Applies critical thinking and problem-solving skills and works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop a variety of standard, ad-hoc and customized reports.
  • Work with large amounts of data (facts, figures, and number crunching), sift through the data and analyze it to find trends and patterns, and help make both conclusions and recommendations for future efforts.
  • Translates data into an understandable document.
  • Presents actionable data to end-users in the format best matched to their needs, including publishing key reports using Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Provides support to users in interpreting and presenting data, including presentation of data to individuals and groups.
  • Manages and provides oversight of performance measurement system, including business plans, scorecards, workload indicators, status reports, and performance agreements.
  • Creates milestones and other PI support documents.
  • Facilitates the design and implementation of new/improved process models and organizational structures in support of all business transformation and change management developments. 
  • Provides reliable and professional advice to executive management as it relates to project management, change management, and implementation of operational process improvements. 
  • Provides process improvement fundamentals, practical application, and continuous improvement training materials.
  • Advises and consults on the use of analytical and statistical reporting to ensure data is accurately reported.
  • Aids with the design, build, testing, validation, and ongoing support of clinical and/or revenue cycle and access applications-including the review and update of EDI settings in conjunction with newest release of data requirements.
  • Identifies and resolves systems issues as they relate to EMR/EHR or EDI settings
  • Provides expert and creative solutions to end-user requirements and problems.
  • Performs in-depth analyses of workflows, data collection, interface integration needs, reporting requirements.
  • Deep analysis and retro audit claim data (coding, billing, documentation).
  • Identification of gaps or flags in the workflow, process improvement, collaboration, staff training/on-going education, coding, and billing guidelines.
  • Modeling, reporting, and reviewing of proper reimbursement from third-party payors in accordance with regulatory, accounting, and contractual standards.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve outstanding escalated accounts and EDI issues.
  • Prepares and/or provides the necessary information required for the completion of all external financial audits.
  • Train new employees; mentor existing employees or conduct training courses on coding, billing, and HIPAA. 




Office Suite/365
Google Docs

Project/Program Management

Responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project or event. PMs on staff have 10+ years of experience in both business and technical areas. 


Scope, Schedule, Resource Plan, Training Plan, Communication Plan, Procurement Plan, Budget, Sprint Burndown, Milestone Tracking, Change Management Plan, Impact Assessment, Stakeholder Plan

  • Supervision of small or large cross-divisional projects. 
  • Daily program management
  • Clearly defines program controls.
  • Plans overall program and monitors progression, risks/issues, budget, inter-dependencies, resources, stakeholders and aligns deliverables. 




MS Project

Niche Consultants

Top notch consultants to help you with you get the most from your incentive plans. 

  • PQRS
  • eRX
  • MIPS
  • QBPI
  •  Star Ratings
  •  QSSP
  •  HEDIS